Amanda Cabreros

Amanda a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student and is working with Shen on the Perovskite Solar Cells.




Miguel Ceja

Miguel Ceja is a third year Environmental Engineering student interested in clean energy research. His current roll in the LESC group is to assist Chengcheng’s project on lithium metal rechargeable batteries and advanced electrode materials.



Yongbai (Josh) Gong

Josh is a fourth year Nanoengineering undergraduate student and is working with Pritesh on Silicon Anode batteries.



Ricky Huang

Ricky is a Chemical Engineering undergraduate and is working with Haelie on Layered Oxide materials.




Carlos Mejia

Carlos is a transfer student from Grossmont College, majoring in Nanoengineering with a focus in Materials Science. He is currently working with Haelie on synthesis of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.




 Hyukin Moon

Hyukin is a first-year Chemical Engineering undergraduate student and is working with Jonathan on solid-state batteries for sustainable grid storage and stretchable zinc batteries for wearable electronics.




 Susie Park

Susie is a third year Chemical Engineering student, and is helping Yixuan on her work with Li-ion Batteries.





Sabrina Richardson

Sabrina is a third year Chemical Engineering student, and is working with Hayley on sodium ion batteries.




Katya Sablina

Katya Sablina is a third year student majoring in Nanoengineering with focus in Electrical Engineering. His current research includes liquified gas electrolytes and additives for lithium batteries assisting Dan.



Gautam Suresh

Gautam is a fourth year student at UC San Diego majoring in nano engineering and minoring in mathematics. His current research areas include assisting Tom and Dylan on solid-state electrolytes and lithium thin film batteries.




Osman Trieu

Osman Trieu, fourth year NanoEngineering student focusing in Materials Science, currently researches lithium-ion batteries in Prof. Meng’s Lab.  He is currently working with Pritesh Parikh, Macwin Savio D’Souza, and Joshua Gong on silicon anodes for the next generation of high energy density batteries.







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