Research Overview

Energy technology is advancing on all fronts: electric cars that truly have zero COemissions, smart grid technology engaging residential customers, renewable energy growing worldwide, and large investments in energy efficiency. This is a manifestation of a new societal trend towards energy independence and environmental sustainability. Professor Meng’s research group, LESC, has been focusing its efforts on the basic science and applied research for the design and development of energy storage and conversion materials. This includes lithium ion batteries, thermoelectric materials, permanent magnetic materials, and sensitized solar cells, just to name a few. LESC’s mission is three-fold: I. We strive to design and optimize materials that store and convert energy at a high efficiency – our approach uniquely combines atomistic modeling with advanced characterization tools and novel synthetic methods. II. We train and mentor graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, undergraduate students, and high school students to equip them with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and skills to excel in today’s highly competitive technology-driven society. III. We are committed to educate the general public about green energy technologies and the beautiful fundamental science that make these technologies a reality.



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Structural and Materials Engineering

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