Summer BBQ moments from 2022 !!!

Thanks to Omar for the video making!

Summer BBQ moments from 2018 !!!

Credits to Shirley!

Introduction to Lithium-CFx Primary Battery and the Performance Demo at Low-Temperature

UC San Diego MRSEC Science Slam 2022 Content and Presentation by Baharak Sayahpour Graphics by Ganesh Raghavendran

A Printed AgO-Zn Rechargeable Battery for Flexible Electronics

Researchers from UC San Diego and ZPower have developed a flexible, rechargeable AgO-Zn battery with greater areal energy density, which can fabricated by screen printing under normal lab conditions.

More scientific and technical details at:

N95 Masks Reuseability - A material scientist's perspective

A short sharing of a material scientist’s perspective on reusing N95 masks after disinfection treatments

Audio Reading: Dr. Y. Shirley Meng, Dr. Chengcheng Fang, Diyi Cheng

Script & Production: Dr. Darren H.S. Tan

Demonstration of Nanobattery Fabrication

Credit to Dr. Ziying Wang!

For a more detailed demonstration, please see our paper:

Batteries of the future made with salt

LESC’s efforts to clear hurdles for the development of sodium-based rechargeable batteries.

Produced by Kate Tobin from Science Nation

Co-precipitation technique to synthesize sodium cathode materials

Time for Na-ion batteries!

Credit to Hayley Hirsh, Sabrina Richardson and Dr. Darren H.S. Tan

Solid State Batteries & the Future of Energy Storage

Credit to solid-state team in LESC:

Erik Wu, Dr. Han Nguyen, Jerry Yang, Dr. Jean-Marie Doux, Dr. Abhik Banerjee, Dr. Darren H.S. Tan and Sabrina Richardson

Acetylene Torch Tutorial

Credit to Dr. Darren Tan, Yixuan Li and Will Getz!

XRD refinement Tutorial

Credit to LESC alumni – Dr. Chuze Ma!

All-Solid-State Pouch Cell Cutting Test

Thanks Dr. Darren Tan for sharing the video!

All-Solid-State Pouch Cell Heating Test

Thanks Dr. Darren Tan for sharing the video!